A drag through resistance.

There are plenty of articles about sales resistance and early adoption resistance for new technologies. These problems stem from a larger problem of general friction to change that all people adopt in some way. This can be from something personal like a daily exercise routine to something professional like moving up the corporate ladder.

Everything that stops someone from doing something they want to do is subjective, and that can be taken to the extreme but for now we will make assumptions from the middle of the curve. This is something I made quite apparent to a friend by challenging him to suddenly change professions to become a medical doctor. Every roadblock he put up I suggested a way around it, breaking down the resistance to make the change and eventually there was little he could do to object.

Yes, all this can be relative on how much we want to make the change, but most of the time is the delay, the postponing, and "tomorrow" procrastinating. While the change we want to make may not seem as important as getting through the day to, the opportunity to grow and learn is important to improve the day to day experience. A great example are New Years Resolutions.

I've been following Stephen Guise for the better part of 3 years and his theories on Mini Habits, and a lot of it makes logical sense. Make the resistance smaller until it takes zero effort to accomplish and keep that habit until your resistance improves to then tackle larger changes. However in practice, that's a different story. It's something personal and different for everyone.

Everyone has different motivations and different fears. So without sounding like a rushed Medium article, we all need to find out what those things are if we really want to change.

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