Another beginning

Another server, another site. Probably the fourth blog/website I have made to express my thoughts to the open web, though it feels more like a vacuum with the lack of content and audience. To be honest I really should have kept up with this a long time ago; now everyone has a blog and a site to show off their artist prowess and walk their way into a job interview feeling proud.

It really is just daunting as I plow on but that is the exact visual metaphor isn't it. Plowing a field is tedious work; sowing seeds that will take weeks, months to grow and all you can do is perform proven methods with the hope that the plants will flower into something worthwhile. Looking into the future and seeing how much better things will be when the fruits of labor fall has always been such a long way off for me.

Another beginning

Is it really?
All I can do is do the work and see what happens.

I am Peter Frezzini, I am a designer with a keen eye for strategy and an analytical process to follow.

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