Another Man's Sky

After all the bad reviews, people demanding their money back, and everyone damning the game after 1.5 hours of so called game-play; is a review. At launch I pulled 22 hours over 2 days, and I came to the conclusion, No Mans Sky is incredibly immersive but also very niche.


Exploration focused games are usually story based or casual game-play games; the problem with that for a large game is that the turnover for these games can be very short lived, especially in the multiplayer spectrum where pack mentality can make or break someones experience. The biggest thing about this game, there is no tutorial, no initial objectives and little if not no direction. I personally found this amazing. It had an almost survival feel as if you had actually crashed landed on another planet with weird creatures and sentinels limiting your actions. There is apparently a main quest line if you choose at a short inexplicable prompt; I chose the other option, explore. The interface and actions were intuitive that you can adapt very quickly, although I only found out there was a melee action after 10-12 hours, which means its purpose was secondary until I found out the sprint, melee, jump combo.

Even if this game got mostly negative reviews, the graphics are good enough to fill the steam galleries full of great screenshots. I wont regret buying this game on one merit. Hello Games put 2 years into this game, with a crew of 15 people and tried something no one had done before; I give them credit for this. Shoot for the stars and you'll end up somewhere in the sky.

“There’s still so much to explore and cool new things are still getting discovered every day,” Steambot

“I’m standing on a deserted planet that could make me rich.”
Andrew Webster

“It definitely sits in a gaming sweet spot for me, which is something absorbing and brainless that lets me listen to audiobooks at the same time.” John

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