Exit 2016 Material

Each year graduating and final year students from GOTAFE Art and Design hold an exhibition at the Wangaratta Exhibitions Gallery to showcase their achievements to the industry and the larger community.
Participation within a team was needed to organize, design, promote and setup the exhibition. Main materials that were developed included the opening night invitation and the exhibition catalogue presenting the work featured in the exhibition. Exploration was a vital part of this project to capture the personality of the year group in a visual aesthetic. Innovative analogue and digital methods were highly encouraged.

Exit 2016 Exploration Concept 1 Exit 2016 Exploration Concept 2 Exit 2016 Exploration Concept 3

Exit 2016 Refinement

Exit 2016 Invitation

Exit 2016 Booklet

Exit 2016 Internal Layout

Numerous Game Cover
Pong Game Cover