Flexible goals

Being a designer, goals and steps to achieve those goals are an integral part of the design process. We get a brief (a goal) and we then start setting steps to how we want to accomplish that brief efficiently and accurately; while sometimes we throw the brief out the window because there is a better option (with the clients permission of course).

By trying a new path, creativity can flourish with discovery as motivation.

This relates directly to goals we wish to achieve in everyday life. We make our own brief in where we want to go & accomplish, then develop steps to get there. There are those times when circumstances constrict your creativity and limit your ability to achieve those goals; throwing away the goal and pivoting to a different approach is a good way (not always) to stay afloat in high tide. I must mention that if this does start to effect client work, keep the communication channels open with your client; there is nothing worse then stressing out about a deadline then throwing it all on the client a the last second, plenty of notice if possible gives then client time their own damage control.

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