For contents sake

So after spending the last probably 2 hours piling over different themes that look kinda nice but trade off aesthetics for functionality and others that are just plain broken. Its going to be this current theme for the moment, until i can get some content going and become slightly more invested in doing this again.
As mentioned in my last post, I've been through this process and I usually get to a point where I cant even look at my pages without cringing at the small details that I know as a whole contribute to the experience of my site; not only if i came across something similar, unless the content was amazing I would probably just leave.
So over the next week or so I'm focusing solely on content. I'm expecting that most of these rant-like posts will either get compressed into something more coherent, or will simply become an outlet of the caffeine infused thoughts I'm typing.

There are several things I do like about simply typing.

It's not just about bringing words together, but more about comprehending your own thought processes and meta-cognition. For myself it is simply about letting my thoughts run dry so I can get to sleep at night.

The elevator pitch
Another beginning