Gotafe Wayfinding

Initial aim for this brief is to improve on the current way-finding system in place at the GOTAFE Wangaratta campus. Identifying the problems that the current stakeholders have with navigation and locating where the different departments are will be a priority, making the first step of the project a demographic inquiry.

Gotafe Wayfinding Presentation Visual

Research into popular way-finding systems to match the researched demographic and adapting concepts found towards a solution for this brief. Clear, informative and visually appealing will be a goal achieve with a solid use of information hierarchy working with user experiences to display the most needed information at the correct place.

After initial research, development will progress forward with traditional sign writing methods to keep the project within budget and a clear medium to display information that is both modern and universally understood, aligning with the demographic research.

Design progress will be documented across the length of the project for review by stakeholders of GOTAFE Wangaratta campus, showing a clear progression towards a solution.

Presentation of the final solution will be drafted into a situational concept to detail the design progress and steps taken towards the solution presented.

  • Identifying the problems with the current system and improving upon them.
  • Development will be documented with design process to ensure budget will be upheld and investments understood.
  • Presented visuals will be given in technical, environmental, situational and conceptual states.

    Gotafe Wayfinding Comparison Visual Gotafe Wayfinding Comparison Visual

    Gotafe Wayfinding Presentation Visual Gotafe Wayfinding Presentation Visual
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