A drag through resistance.

There are plenty of articles about sales resistance and early adoption resistance for new technologies. These problems stem from a larger problem of general friction to change that all people adopt in some way. This can be from something personal like a daily exercise routine to something professional like moving

[REVIEW] AGL Brand Refresh

The Australian Gas Light Company released a press statement regarding a brand refresh AGL Energy (AGL) today released a brand refresh campaign to demonstrate how it is transforming to meet the needs of energy consumers. The brand update immediately address the direction of the company although conceptually sound the execution

[REVIEW] Bulmers Brand Relaunch

If you have seen this already I'm going to direct you to my last article where I said: That changes that stakeholders see from the genesis may not be seen by the general public for months into the roll-out process. Here is an even more exaggerated example from an international

[REVIEW] DeBortoli Brand Refresh

The new DeBortoli name has made it's way to the front of the production line. The brand refresh announced almost a year ago is now stocked on the shelf. This is an important consideration when making a shift in branding at any level. That changes that stakeholders see from the

[REVIEW] Marie Brizard Brand Relaunch

Marie Brizard Wine and Spirits new bottle release has reached Australia. The new design of the Marie Brizard Essences is a modernized version with sharp contours, very fitting for a bar or nightclub environment. The label prioritises brand recognition with a bolder information hierarchy than the more subtle previous version.

[REVIEW] Baily & Baily Label Release

Baily & Baily stock came into BWS Wangaratta mid March with a new label, exhibiting new finishes and a slight logo refresh. The logo switched the oversized ampersand for a more subtle white space element inside a grape vine leaf, incorporated into the logotype that has been set to smalls

Turf Texture Project

One afternoon enjoying the sunshine, the lawn had been freshly cut; I found myself admiring the textures and patterns that had emerged from the undergrowth. After a few weeks of rain the grass had become a rich green, now it became a splash of colours and patches of vibrancy. As

The Problem with Design Inspiration

Design inspiration versus idea generation. As most designers know, during a client meeting there is that moment where you come to a standstill wondering how to explore the brief. A common way to tackle this problem is to look for "inspiration". This strategy has followed me through the design industry

Another Man's Sky

After all the bad reviews, people demanding their money back, and everyone damning the game after 1.5 hours of so called game-play; is a review. At launch I pulled 22 hours over 2 days, and I came to the conclusion, No Mans Sky is incredibly immersive but also very

Flexible goals

Being a designer, goals and steps to achieve those goals are an integral part of the design process. We get a brief (a goal) and we then start setting steps to how we want to accomplish that brief efficiently and accurately; while sometimes we throw the brief out the window

Getting started with code.

As most designers will know; you need to know web, or at least some of it. Job descriptions everywhere have some form of preference for front-end coding languages such as HTML, CSS, or experience with popular content management systems. While this has been typically a role of a web designer,

The elevator pitch

So After pushing out some base content to remove the white-space on the canvas, a long thought string brought out some interesting avenues to explore over the first week of typing up a series of posts to get the ball rolling. What is my audience? Who am I talking to?

For contents sake

So after spending the last probably 2 hours piling over different themes that look kinda nice but trade off aesthetics for functionality and others that are just plain broken. Its going to be this current theme for the moment, until i can get some content going and become slightly more