Potential is not real, it is simply something with trending upside.

Most people complain about the thing that is the easiest to change.

Taking time for yourself will save you time in the long run.

You will be surprised how little you can survive on and what comforts you truly value.

Macros trends always play out, unless there's a huge micro shift that warrants a pivot, these are more than likely foreseeable.

If hindsight is 20/20 then wouldn't foresight be better.

Large projects broken down into small easily achievable steps will show a realistic timeline.

Delays happen, act accordingly.

The best motivator is patience.

Why do we make holidays so complex?

Financial freedom creates a satisfying amount of room to breathe.

The choice between aesthetics and function is both a fine and wide line.

If every rule has an exception, wouldn't you be making the same amount of effort enforcing the rule, than you would by not having it and making each individual decision.

The true cost comes from indecision. By not choosing a direction you will spend time and resources backtracking and sidestepping.

The past and the future do not exist. The past is simply your memory of the present and the future is you trying to predict the present.

Shortcuts are a step away from compromising quality.

Is it what you really want, or are you trying to appeal to an external factor.

Are you trying to help someone or are you making yourself feel better.

Stepping back and removing the pressure can show where the natural flow is leading you.

Over-indulging in comforts can disguise the discomforts that needs to change.

Decentralized responsibility and 'freedom' can only exist if people accept consequences and work together. Government exists because people can't accept differences.

The more freedom, the more diverse the interests will be; the less people will be able to apply labels and skate-by via assumption by proxy.