Now as of 17:27 I will be starting a /now page containing what I will be focussing on per week

I am intending to develop my writing and execution habits over a variety of subjects. Maintaining this page will assist in those efforts by creating an everyday writing exercise, goal setting, and accountability. Much like "stories" each update will be visible for only for 7 days, with it then being updated and the previous archived (still deciding what to do with the archives, maybe a notion page?).

This week I am focussing on exercise and health habits, while channelling the energy obtained into working on getting my portfolio up-to-date and launching my freelance business as a graphic designer.

Exercise will be the main one, just like everyone else in the world at this point, January is the time to do this apparently. New year, new you? As if a man-made calendar system should dictate your personal energies ebb and flow. But I digress.
I will be starting off with small 20-30 minutes routines and adding some yoga for flexibility. This was going to be a main focus of 2020 but that 100% fell apart, with the Australian bushfires and then a global pandemic, you'd almost think it was a sign from the universe. Instead 2020 became the year of learning about nutrition and several related topics, such as metabolism hacking and learning how to cook with basic foods.

If you haven't already discovered I have my consulting business, Fresh Depth which I will be scaling in the coming months. Currently refreshing brand properties for both Fresh Depth and my Personal Branding as they have been unmaintained for a while now, so a fresh look to reinforce the direction of each.

I am also deviating my usual entertainment from video games to books. After deep diving into Cyberpunk 2077 for most of December 2020, I've had my full for a while. My current library has grown, as has the guilt of not setting aside time to read them. I am currently reading Introduction to Zen Buddhism by D. T. Suzuki which has been great but very heavy reading, as Zen is described as beyond philosophy, the texts surrounding it are as dense. My next book will be a little lighter.