When I was 8, we had a family computer that ran on Windows 95. Apart from playing Space Cadet 3D Pinball, I picked up Microsoft Publisher. I started out by making some changes to the local Video-Ezy store. Beginning with the layout of the aisles, then the counter location, making it easier to walk through; mostly towards my favourite movies at the time. I wasn't phased with sticking around the store, I was more concerned with getting home to watch the 1998 release of Antz or Quest for Camelot. I decided that it wasn't really a Video-Ezy store anymore so I have it a name, "Movie Land". I sketched out a logo, signage and changed the colours. Saving it all to a 3.5" Floppy Disk, I stored it away.

A lot of interests branched out from that experience: Gaming, Science Fiction, Films and Animation. And the inception of a habit that has followed me most of my life; forging interests into passions and expressing them, communicating them in a visual way. Through colour, storytelling, choreographed movement and detailed brushstrokes.

So with an ever developing technical knowledge, communicating ideas and an interest in business strategy, I have helped businesses grow by showing their customers what they had to offer.

I am Peter Frezzini, a holistic designer with a curiosity for business strategy and emerging technologies.