Design Portfolio of Peter Frezzini
Peter Frezzini
#Design with a bit of form and a bit of #function, accompanied with a 140 page #strategy report.

[REVIEW] Bulmers Brand Relaunch

This Bulmer Original Cider brand refresh has just arrived on shelves even though it was released in 2011....

2 min read

[REVIEW] DeBortoli Brand Refresh

Bringing focus back to their name, the logotype reinforces a clear hierarchy, from attention grabbing visuals to brand recognition to product name....

2 min read

[REVIEW] Marie Brizard Brand Relaunch

The new design of the Marie Brizard Essences is a modernised version with sharp contours the release initiates the re-branding of the range....

2 min read

[REVIEW] Carlton Dry Packaging Update

A refreshed look to Carlton Dry. A pared-down design brings the brand a modern and focused look inline with current market trends....

2 min read

Turf Texture Project

Free Texture for download. One afternoon enjoying the sunshine, the lawn had been freshly cut; I found myself admiring the textures and patterns that had emerged from the undergrowth....

1 min read

Chivas Advertising Concept

The three main beverages sold in the world today Soda (Soft Drink), Coffee, and Liquor. Free project research pdf available for download....

2 min read

Yak Communications

Yak communications is an idealistic communications company intending to aggressively compete for market share in Australia....

2 min read