Design Portfolio of Peter Frezzini
Peter Frezzini
#Design with a bit of form and a bit of #function, accompanied with a 140 page #strategy report.

Ricky Chops Barbershop

With a goal to expand the brand awareness of the shop, the brand was incorporated together with an illustration and presented on apparel....

1 min read

Anizon 3D Printing

A local 3D printing business looking to build up a visual presence. Using modern trends to showcase services and to increase visibility....

3 min read

Giggleberriez Twitch Stream Identity

Circular shapes were to engage with the username "Giggleberriez" while also allowing implications for light humour and banter-like conversation. This personalised content accompanied increases user engagement leading to further follows, mentions and other metrics....

2 min read

iWrite iRead

A Collaboration with Elevator Creative . Worked on Logo Design, User Interface and User Experience....

1 min read

Team Legacy Branding Refresh

The fan, the follower, and the player all with values of Pride, Luxury and Sportsmanship combined into a single brand. With a mark igniting the flame....

2 min read

Jeff Cabalar Website

Had a great opportunity to work with Jeff Cabalar in creating a more integrated digital experience for his audience and his clients....

1 min read

[REVIEW] AGL Brand Refresh

Branding is becoming more about how the identity is formed through a variety of media not just the logo....

4 min read

[REVIEW] Bulmers Brand Relaunch

This Bulmer Original Cider brand refresh has just arrived on shelves even though it was released in 2011....

2 min read