One afternoon enjoying the sunshine, the lawn had been freshly cut; I found myself admiring the textures and patterns that had emerged from the undergrowth. After a few weeks of rain the grass had become a rich green, now it became a splash of colours and patches of vibrancy. As I sat there simply observing the way the blades interacted, I thought I needed to capture this somehow. I'm sure there are thousands of high resolution grass textures on the internet, but there was a strange value of having a selection taken right from my backyard.

I was reminded of a friend enquiring about a project relating to his lawn-care business he was starting. While nothing became of it, my mind wondered how many flyers for lawn-care are very simple typographically based. Obviously most are for a low cost marketing campaign, but the principle was effective.

Some quick researching showed grass seed suppliers & instant turf farms use primarily  imagery instead of typography for promotional purposes. Which lead me to start experimenting on how to blend typography with imagery to give a richer experience.

Turf Texture Project
The texture is available under the creative commons licence.
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