A unique packaging design to visually separate the new range from competitors.

Initial research displayed that most craft or niche ciders use similar packaging templates, only utilising the printed label for brand recognition, while using local vendors to promote the product.

Strategically using all aspects of the product to mould the product branding would be more effective and have a lasting effect on stakeholders allowing viral saturation and fast adoption. Using this range can be a platform to test certain markets with agile marketing methods and rapid product development. This can be approachable due to the initial process the company has setup, allowing them to pivot regarding product feedback. Modern marketing methods using social media and social issues can also be implemented to build brand awareness and launch the product from a foundation of social good.

Research will present some anecdotal evidence to the consumption of alcoholic beverages, working in a local distribution and referred knowledge.

Most of the handling of alcoholic beverages comes from the stockists,and only then lastly are the consumers handling the product for a short amount of time before consumption. Making a sturdy package for the glassware preventing breakages and allowing swift movement form the case to the shelf.

The hardest part about selling new craft beers and cider is getting a customer to try something new. Asking them to turn away a product that they have tried and consumed for presumably years without negative impact.

Using this anecdotal evidence, creating a different point of sale tactic rather than raising brand awareness in a crowded space, allowing the experience of consumption made better.

Making a product reusable makes doesn't necessarily make it more valuable, but the more a customer uses the product the more trust is then associated with the brand. Kraft Phillidelphia Cheese started a branding campaign not by parading the product by by showing how it was used. In modern marketing the social uses of the product can be more powerful than the value.

Two concepts of a carrot based cider, another with a peach and mango cider.

Carrot Top Cider

Carrot Top cider branded as an innovative way of looking at cider, while keeping a holistic image.

Using a custom package created with the first modelled off a drink holder and using a cylindrical bottle. While the concept held merit the end product became unstable and deviated from the original brief and the focus was too weighted on the packaging losing aesthetic appeal and marketability.
POS was a simple wobbler although was a unique shape a more drastic strategy was needed to convert customers.

The second concept was the brand then placed on a relatively standard packaging template.

Cider Packaging Mockup

Zintera Cider, flavoured with globally sourced peaches and mangoes.
The brand has a typographical focus accompanied with basic geometric shapes and colours related to the flavour of the cider.

A resealable bottle is used. With home-brewing becoming more popular, these bottles are ripe for reuse, increasing brand awareness and being environmentally conscious. Social campaigns can also be extended to what uses the customers can come up with and share with other, similar to how DIY evolved on Pinterest.

POS strategy was a simple share pack. A 2 pack one for the customer and one for a friend, distributed to packaged outlets with walk in access. Even if the experience of trying the new product was not 100% satisfying the social experience dampens the negative impact.