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Byron Bay Clothing

A fashion brand based in Byron Bay, using a concept from local landmarks and attractions to capture the identity of the company....

3 min read

NGV Event Promotion Concept

A developed Australian theme based on 'Free Associations' by Conroy Maddox -applied to promotional material adhering to the National Gallery Victoria brand....

1 min read

Zintera Cider

Zintera Cider, flavoured with globally sourced peaches and mangoes. A typographical focus and rich colours with a reusable bottle....

3 min read

Jules Verne Book Set

The elements of the three titles, Around the World in 80 Days, Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Seas, and Journey to the Centre of the Earth coupled with the theme of adventure the general direction for development became clear....

4 min read

Numerous Game Cover

Numerus, a germanian that joined the roman legion. Story driven strategy with competitive end game....

2 min read

Exit 2016 Material

Exploration was a vital part of this project to capture the personality of the year group. Innovative analogue and digital methods were highly encouraged....

1 min read

Pong Game Cover Concept

Key aspects were to keep the cover relative to the original branding, and to capture the movement of the game....

2 min read

Fiends Gold Tea Packaging

Illustrated typography was used as the brand formed its own identity then translated into the customised packaging....

1 min read