Marie Brizard Wine and Spirits new bottle release has reached Australia.
The new design of the Marie Brizard Essences is a modernized version with sharp contours, very fitting for a bar or nightclub environment.

Marie Brizard Curacao Blue

The label prioritises brand recognition with a bolder information hierarchy than the more subtle previous version. Adding further contrast with a peach coloured label indicating the flavour following up with a graphical indicator a the neck. Closer to the lid there is consistent use of the Marie Brizard signiture, now enclosed in a quadrilateral. The embossed signature was taken off the bottom of the bottle and replaced with the MBR logo encapsulated in a circle. The MBR logo is also featured on the top of the lid replacing the old logo.

Marie Brizard Fraise des Bois
Marie Brizard Lid Print

The release of the bottle initiates the re-branding of the Marie Brizard range.

Marie Brizard Wine and Spirits

The brand refresh by Agence Pierre Katz Paris follows a rough patch for Marie Brizard Wine and Spirits. Shortly after a disappointing financial year in 2014, the company pivoted, changing their name, slashing their advertising budget and streamlining their workforce. Their leading brand Marie Brizard looks to be the first to a major update in brand positioning, extending qualities from their parent company.

Marie Brizard Website Range 2017

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